Zaporiz’ka centre of service of citizens “Passport service”

the Main address: Zaporozhye, street Independent Ukraine

(previously 40 years of Soviet Ukraine, 90)
the Map:

the Phone: +38 (061) 233-03-13
the info:
In Zaporozhye is one of the Centres of service of citizens “Passport service”, where staff will kindly consult you on any questions with the paperwork and help at all stages of the process. The paperwork to obtain a passport, child travel document and entering a child in the passport of parents here convenient, fast and comfortable. In addition, the “Passport service” no queue – traditional satellites are the institutions that draw up the papers. That is why until the “Passport service” you can come without pre-registration and to submit their documents in full cycle of services for a maximum of 20 minutes.

Here you can also make a second valid passport because it is the vital companion for inveterate travelers and those whom the profession requires to travel a lot.